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HX-3885. 85. 2500-3000. PET Preform for mineral water, carbonated beverage and juice fruit ( 42MM PCO Neck) Model. Preform (Gram) Bottle volume (ML) HX-4233. 33g.

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PET preform injection molding machine Ask Price - Specialize in PET material. - Supply complete system integration including PET preform injection machine, PET preform mold with hot runner and temperature control, ancillary equipments from material drying and feeding to preform cooling and automation.

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2017-5-25 · Dedicated design for PET preform injection molding. Dedicated Screw: Specially PET screw highly increases the plasticinzing speed and shot weight, lowers the plasticizing speed and show weight, lower the plasticizing temperature and AAvalue, also lower the shearing of preform

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PET Preform Injection Moulding MachineSend Inquiry With deep experience and in accordance with PET preform characteristics, we have improve a lot to be fit for PET preform production 1.Professional PET screw and barrel with L/D 1:23 have higher mixing and plasticizing abilities. High torque screw driving system ensures screw's injection

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I am Tina from Demark holding group, a PET machine company in China, is one of the leading manufacturers of preform injection machine, PET preform injection moulding machines, plastic bottle blow molding machine, PET preform mould and blowing mould.

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SINO PK provides not only a mold, but a fine plastic PET preform injection molding solution. Its like a complete preform molding line contained PET preform molds (Preform type ROPP, ALASKA, PCO1810, PCO1881, BPF, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50-150mm etc), special PET injection molding machine, other accessories such like dehumidify and dryer, auto loader, water tower, chiller and so on.

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PET Preform Making Machine is an optimized injection molding machine for PET preforms injection molding. It is the most important PET machine in PET bottle preform manufacturing process. Or even in whole PET bottle production process. Almost all the PET injection moulding machine is dedicated designed according to the PET materials characteristics.

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2021-5-30 · Model No.: BL250EKH-PET. automatic pet preform injection machine 1 Bole Product Description Detailed Product Description All of our machines are equipped with advanced electrical and hydraulic control elements imported from the USA Italy German equipment 1 Double cylinder balancing injections 2 High torque oil motor preplasticizing 3 Five dedicated pet preform automatic injection molding machine producer

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PET Preform Injection Molding Systems ZQ 32,48,72,96 cavities PET preform injection molding systems uses a new part cooling and handling system, which features: 1. Cooling on the inner surface of the preform without using compressed air, unlike most post-mold cooling systems which only cool the

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2020-9-3 · Our machines inject liquid PET material into a standard preform mould. When the resulting PET preform cools down, it is then used for further blow moulding. Sinco PET preform making machines can have an injection capacity from 120mL to 1L, or more, depending on your requirements.